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    “Engaged employees separate great companies from the good”

    • “Engagement is a fundamental human need. It is a power that resides in most people, waiting to be unlocked. People want to be engaged in what they do. If employers build the foundation, employees will do the rest.” ~  From MAGIC: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement
    • Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. The level of enthusiasm and dedication an employee feels toward his or her job. To engaged employees, it is far more than a paycheque – it is the eagerness towards their task that makes them passionate in their work, and this passion is often reflected in their outcomes.” (Forbes.com).
    • Employee experience, on the other hand, is the long-term experience an employee has of the organisation, and involves the connection between employee expectations, needs, and wants.

    The Evolution of Employee Experience: Creating and Delivering a Quality Employee Experience

    • “Decades ago, nobody cared about the employee experience because all the power was in the hands of employers. Power has now shifted into the hands of employees.” ~ Jacob Morgan: The Future of Work
    • How can you create a work environment where employees want to show up for work versus need to show up?
    • Employee experience and its impact on customer loyalty, business growth, and longevity is no longer a myth. It is an essential and vital element of a successful company – part of its DNA.
    • Employees understand their worth and are asking for more: more opportunities, more growth, and more trust. They are no longer satisfied to work for a company that performs well and provides good pay – they are now requesting to be recognised as the true contributors that they are.
    • Employees want to experience a sense of belonging – something more real than the pretty words found in the company mission and vision statement.
    • Delivering a quality employee experience means empowering your employees, aligning their motivation and thereby creating shared values.
    • Success begins and ends with talented people. That is what employee experience is about: creating an environment inspiring employees to achieve great things.
    • Employee experience [Ex] is increasingly having a meaningful impact on the customer experience [Cx] of the company.

    Are you ready to challenge the conventional wisdom about what makes an organisation great?

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